An Atheist at AA

I am an atheist. I am also an alcoholic. The one has fuck-all to do with the other. However, the treatment center that I successfully went through and ‘graduated’ from less than a week ago is 12 Step, Alcoholics Anonymous based. AA has a lot of God in it, for anyone that hasn’t looked into it. The program itself is a bit more flexible than that, but they refuse to edit the AA basic text (the Big Book, as it’s called) out of a reverence for it that is very like the religious person’s reverence for their holy text(s), and to put it bluntly, the Big Book was written from the perspective of people whose milieu was 1930s very White, very Protestant, and very Male. And this is the Midwest. The coasts may have adapted and have meetings where altered versions of the Steps and Traditions are read and they don’t end every meeting with the Lord’s Prayer, but not here in the Bible Belt.

However, I needed and need help. Sobriety is not something I was able to accomplish on my own. I tried. And tried. And tried. And it hurt. A lot. I hurt myself nearly to death, and I hurt a lot of the people I love. Fortunately for me, I have the most wonderful friends in the world that care for me and love me even more, I think, than I gave myself leave to love them. They got me into treatment, and here I am. More background later, I’m just trying to get this going before I lose my nerve for now.

So this is going to be the story as it unfolds of my journey as an Atheist/Secular Humanist going through the AA program and holding on for dear life. Should be a good time! So help me stay sober, love, and this’ll all work out.


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