Merry Mary Milepost 120

Just a note dropped to say that I got 120 days. I referenced this before, but there’s this little piece of me that keeps wondering when I’m gonna fuck it up, and why I haven’t yet. Recognizing the little bastard disease in that voice is easier some days than others. STFU you little twerp, I’m doing fine without you. This song  is actually astonishingly helpful, as it reminds me of the pain, which I forget (this surely evolutionarily installed easy forgetfulness of pain is, I’m more convinced than ever, why women agree to bear children… again) and which is, I’m also convinced, the real reason people do relapse, rather than complacency, not attending meetings, etc.

I got this tattoo on my arm to remind me, too. I’m also a little surprised at how helpful that has been, too. Wise move, me.


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