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Getting back into it

This is really just a little post to try to re-break the ice into the blogging river again. I’ve not been, and I know it.

Last night, though, I did finally meet, in person, face to face, another atheist at an AA meeting. I’m a little bit disappointed, because he’s not open about his atheism in the AA community, but that’s not my call to make by any stretch of the imagination, and he had decent reasons for his position. Here’s how our conversation after the meeting went, approximately. Him: “Hey, I’m ___, have we met?” Me: “I’m ____, I don’t think so.” (I wasn’t positive this was indeed he, as I had only seen a blurry fb photo of the fellow, but I was pretty sure.) Him: “Are you sure? We haven’t exchanged e-mail messages…” “Facebook messages.” “Ah, yes, I thought that was you.” “Yep, that’s me. Good to meet you in person.” “Yeah, I thought you’d like this meeting, not a lot of prayer and things.” “Yeah, I liked it.” “Well, I’d love to stay around, but I think she and I are headed out, but I’ll see you next week.” (More a declarative statement than a question, I couldn’t decide if I liked the confidence, or was annoyed at the presumption. I decided on liking his confidence.) “Yeah, see you there.” And he and his girlfriend walked off hand in hand, very cute together, actually.

Also, at this meeting, there was, wait for it, NO PRAYER. Fucking awesome. “Let’s have a moment of silence to be used as you see fit.” Not an officially atheist/agnostic/skeptic/freethought/whatever-other-sticker meeting, it was still pretty cool.

Also also, coming up on 90 days soonish. About a week.

Also also as well, I’ve also been to see a doctor for the first time since I left the military, something which I had been assiduously avoiding for the last number of years, more or less specifically because I didn’t want them to tell me I was drinking too much. My liver blood work came back good. Everything functioning normally. The human body is amazing; after all of the abuse that I had thrown at that poor organ, and after what they told me at treatment about the probable long term liver damage, I really didn’t expect it to be doing quite as well as it was. Now, this does not mean that there was no long term damage done, it just means that everything is rocking along in there pretty well, and I can live with that. Cholesterol and vitamin D deficiency were the worst of my problems, and I am now on stuff for those (which, of course, I am not yet very good at remembering to actually pop in my mouth and swallow every day – ::sigh:: I’ll get the hang of it eventually; hell, I’m still doing well to remember to eat every day, for chrissake).


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